Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, The Lunagaron Shows Up At The Game Awards: 3 Amiibos Announced

The Game Awards show provided the perfect assist to Capcom, who took advantage of the media resonance guaranteed by Geoff Keighley’s event to showcase a new flashy Sunbreak trailer, first massive

The movie showed in action the Lunagaron, a new fearsome monster that wanders around the parts of Elgado, the new outpost where the characters of the expansion land, and then ends confirming the summer of 2022 as a launch window The occasion has also proved to be a good opportunity for the announcement of three new amiibos, which will be launched in parallel with the expansion: Malzeno, the flagship of the new expansion; Palamute with the armor Canyne Mal

Monster Hunter Rise, remember, is currently only available on Nintendo Switch, but soon will also come on PC, January 12, 2022 to be precise. Meanwhile, you can fool the wait by downloading the free demo of Monster Hunter Rise on Steam, which allows you to face a handful of tutorial missions and fearsome three-hundred of creatures composed by Gran Izuchi, Mizuts Within a few weeks of launch, the new PC version will match the Nintendo Switch edition on patches and content.

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