Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: No Development Update All Winter

With a message shared on their social profiles, Capcom representatives invite fans to wait a few more months before receiving new updates on the development of Monster Hunter Rise’s huge Sunbreak expansion.

The next, very rich additional content of MH Rise continues to be expected to launch for summer 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch, but the Japanese software house reports that it does not want to open further spaces for further insight into the expansion throughout the winter.

As we read in the post of Capcom, in fact, the next update on the development of Sunbreak will be in spring, and therefore not before the second half of March 2022: until then, in all probability the Japanese video gaming giant will concentrate its efforts on the ports

The next expansion of MH Rise will allow fans to experience a brand new story in a completely new region with many original monsters, new places to visit, a reworded Quest Rank and many other surprises that must still be revealed.

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