Monster Hunter Rise Pc, Here’s The Thomas Train! The Palamute Is Chuffing With The New Mod

Thanks to the tireless work of Monster Hunter Rise’s modders, the Thomas Train can finally ride on the hunting grounds of the PC version of the Capcom kolossal. The latest fan made expansion allows the iconic character of the children’s TV series to become a Palamute.

The architect of this unusual project is the amateur developer known as UberGrainy: using one of the endless three-dimensional reconstructions realized in recent years by fans of Thomas the Tank Engine, the NexusMods user

Despite the fact that only a few hours have passed since the publication of this project, the DLC fan made with the Train Thomas is already making a big deal on social and industry forums, gaining an honorable position in the list of the most interesting mods of MH

Monster Hunter Rise on PC is only the last of the “video play stations” in which this curious car with anthropomorphic face has passed, just think of the clamor with which the arrival of the Train was received

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