Monster Hunter Rise: How To Change Graphic Filters On Pc

In the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, already available via Steam, Capcom developers have not limited themselves to improvements that characterize ports of this type. In addition to functions such as 4K resolution, unlimited frame-rate and support for Ultrawide monitors, we find a range of filters that can be applied to experience.

To use them to obtain a cinematic aesthetic, you just have to reach the Settings menu and go to the section dedicated to the display. At that point you will notice the entry for advanced graphics options, which once opened will allow you to change the appearance of the game. Specifically, along with the list of filters below, you can also activate additional visual effects such as film grain, lens distortion and various types of vignetting. Finally, you will also be allowed to intervene on the depth of field.

Black and White Filter

Sepia Filter

Black and White Filter (film effect)

Sepia filter (film effect)

Japanese Style Filter

Warring Lands Filter

If you are interested in delving into every aspect of this new version, please read our review of Monster Hunter Rise for PC. Also, please note that the pages of host a guide with tricks to hunt monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

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