Monster Hunter Rise Arrives On Pc, And It’s A Show!

After the excellent start on Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise is about to be launched on PC with a good level conversion. WARNING: the vote refers exclusively to the technical performance of the PC edition. The game review remains the same as Monster Hunter Rise’s Switch review.

Thanks to the careful supervision of the members of the development team of the original Monster Hunter Rise for Switch, the authors of the PC porting have grafted multiple graphic improvements in the already solid gaming scaffolding and content of the exclusive

The hours spent on PC to make the shuttle between the village of Kamura and the numerous hunting regions of MH Rise give us the image of a transposition with undeniable value, albeit with some drooling represented by the sporadic fluctuation in the overall yield The fans of the series can thus reap the fruits of the excellent conversion work done by the Japanese developers to implement more defined textures and polygonal models, with support to functionality such as the HDR and the Ultrawide mountains also for

Without lingering further, we leave you to the video in the opening article and invite you to stay on these pages to read our review of Monster Hunter Rise on PC, with all the considerations and analyses of Alessandro Bruni on

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