Monster Hunter: Capcom Prepares New Announcements For Tgas, According To An Insider

2021 was a pretty important year for the Monster Hunter series, which after the global success on PC and home console of MH: World has come back to dominate the scenes with MH: Rise, chapter of the series currently available in

According to Twitter reports from the well-known Samus Hunter leader, Capcom is preparing new announcements related to its hunting game in view of the annual The Game Awards conducted by Geoff Keighley and in Apparently, this is new that Osaka’s house has been holding for a while and that “most likely they have been moved to The Game Awards,” suggests the insider.

Considering that the source usually deals with topics related to the Nintendo world, it is likely that the publisher will update its fans about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise content and the PC port expected to launch on January 12, 2022. Of course we recommend you to take with the pliers what is reported, waiting to attend the expected event of the end of the year, which as always will be full of announcements, updates and previews worldwide.

We take the opportunity to remind you that, starting from Friday 26 November, the Monster Hunter Rise event will begin in collaboration with the series of Sonic.

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