Modern Naval Warfare: The Submarine Combat Simulator Arrives On Pc In 2022

During the Home of Wargames Live, Slitherine announced Modern Naval Warfare, a simulator of combat between technological submarines that aims at maximum realism by immersing players in state-of-the-art naval battles and cared for in every detail.

Taking control of a USS-class nuclear submarine Virginia (SSN-774), users will have to track their enemies, hunt or escort convoys and face delicate undercover missions, while kneeling opponents by resorting to targeted attacks and Developers promise to offer players a dynamic world with lots of marine life realistic weather conditions. All this without forgetting the presence of a control room entirely three-dimensional and accessible also through VR, where to make the most crucial decisions for the outcome of the battles.

The authors also provide a maritime and coastal scenario that covers a total of one million square kilometres, thus leaving enormous room for manoeuvre to users. Support to multiplayer, both cooperative and competitive, is also provided. The announce trailer also shows a cutting-edge graphics section that further enhances the spectacular battles between submarines imagined by Slitherine.

The release of Modern Naval Warfare is currently expected for a generic 2022, exclusively for PC.

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