Missouri Project: Obsidian’s Rpg In The Elysium Disc Style On Xbox In 2022, For Grubb

In addition to talking about the mess Everwild would be found in, the insider and videogaming journalist Jeff Grubb spent a few words on Project Missouri, voiced new role-playing at O

Project Missouri has been talking about this for a few months now, and according to the rumors already emerged it would be a game of investigative role set in the 16th century Europe that does not foresee fighting mechanics. According to Grubb, the gameplay system will be rather experimental and will not predict any game over, with the plot that will be dynamically adapted to every choice – right or wrong – of the player.

According to the insider, the roleplayer will inspire Disco Elysium, a popular title of ZA/UM, and is directed by John Sawyer, former author of Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and The release would be fixed to 2022 exclusively on Windows PC and Xbox console.

In any case, it would be a small group of developers to deal with the game, since Obsidian is already engaged in the highly anticipated Adowed and also The Outer Worlds 2. In total, there would be even six projects that Microsoft’s studio would be working on.

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