Minecraft X Genshin Impact: The Remake Fan Made By Mondstadt Is A Show!

The collective of amateur developers of Minecraft known as Skyblock Squad took inspiration from the bucolic settings of Genshin Impact to recreate the laughing town of Mondstadt with the tools offered by the sandbox cult of the

The team of German modders from Minecraft claims to have worked for a total of 400 hours on their reinterpretation of the village of Mondstadt of Genshin Impact. The development of the Minecraft map fan-themed Genshin Impact began in August, and consequently the work required the beauty of five months before officially seeing the light on the portal of Planet Minecraft, where you can download and explore

To recreate all the minute details of the town of Mondstadt, the Skyblock team decided to slightly increase the scale of the original map (obtaining the size of the larger one of about 15%) thus overcoming the creative limitations The most important buildings, moreover, have beautifully recreated interiors, further proof of the goodness of the work carried out by Minecraft fans.

At the top of the news you can take a look at the video time lapse that reconstructs (literally!) the highlights of the entire process of making the Mondstadt map: let us know with a comment what you think about it. If you are looking for more ways to customize your gaming experience in Mojang’s kolossal free roaming, please note that for a few days the huge mod Terralith 2.0 of Minecraft has been available, adding 85 biomes to the

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