Minecraft Welcomes Halo Infinite With The Master Chief Mash-Up Package

Master Chief’s return is an epochal event, and as such it must be celebrated at its best. The Mojang boys also know this, who welcomed Halo Infinite’s arrival on the market (and in Xbox Game Pass) with a new premium content for Minecraft, produced in collaboration with 343 Industries.

The Master Chief Mash-up, which can be purchased in the Minecraft Marketplace of the Bedrock Edition, introduces eight new skin, new textures, classical Halo music and an incredible world of Halo to explore The range of skin includes Commander Laurette Agryna, War Chief Escharum, Blademaster Jega “The character is so iconic that it was impossible to choose a single variant,” Mojang’s developers reported.

New for the Dressing Room, which receives new emotes and objects for the creation of the Character, such as hats, helmets, flags and the new Superintendent T-shirt. Find a taste of the new contents of the Master Chief Mash-Up Pack in the images that we attached to this news.

Minecraft, meanwhile, continues to be a great success and to update. Recently, it received the important update Cave & Cliffs 2, which introduced new mountain biomes and caves, also increasing the height of the mountains and the maximum depth reachable by its character.

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