Minecraft: The Free Christmas Map Is Spectacular Thanks To Ray Tracing

After only a few days after the launch of the Master Chief Mash-up package, Minecraft is the protagonist of another particular event, this time dedicated to Christmas festivities and with beneficial purposes.

The giant map entitled “NVIDIA RTX Winter World” was published on the Planet Minecraft portal, with an extension of 38 acres, the equivalent of 153781 square meters. This huge Christmas map will not only make the joy of all the smaller players who can explore it and visit Santa Claus, but it will be a pleasure for the eyes of all those who have a Nvidia video card with support for Ray Tra The map in question, in fact, was created with the aim of showing the muscles of these GPUs and thanks to the presence of numerous Christmas lights it is impossible not to be ecstatic to the vision of such a show.

As we said above, the map was created for charity and inside there is the reproduction of the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) with so much of QR Code through which players can send a donation to the facility and support the ‘

Before you run to visit the portal and download the map for free, we remind you that Minecraft on YouTube has done a trillion views.

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