Minecraft Over Caves & Cliffs: The Huge Mod Terralith 2.0 Adds 85 Bimes

Not enough innovations to the world of Minecraft game at the launch of Caves & Cliffs Part 2, the amateur developers of Terralith update their mod to version 2.0 to implement dozens of new biomes to

In describing the contents of this rich free data pack, the modder collective gathered under the flag of Stardust Labs explains that it was left inspired by the massive revision to the world’s procedural generation system of the latest version of Minecraft in the

The version 2.0 of Terralith therefore goes to graft into the procedural engine of Caves & Cliffs to add something like 85 brand new biomes, each able to alter the appearance of the map to ensure an always original gaming experience. In the biomes introduced by Terralith 2.0 there are numerous additional blocks to shape canyons, floating islands, oceanic pits and even more “fantasious” cave types.

According to the same guys from Stardust labs, players who have already installed the first version of Terralith in Minecraft 1.17 can keep the pre-existing saves and maps by updating the mod to version 2.0 after upgrading the

At the top of the news you can admire the video packaged by the authors of Stardust Labs to testify to the goodness of the work done with Terralith 2.0: if you were interested, at the bottom of the article you can find the link to the portal from which you To stay on the subject, let’s close with a “little” curiosity: did you know that in recent days Minecraft has reached the trillion views on YouTube?

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