Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 2: How Will The Game World Change? Mojang Unveils It In Video

A few days from the launch of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 2, and so the students of the Mojang studio publish an interesting video diary that describes with a wealth of details all the changes that will bring in dowry this important free update,

In the video, the Swedish subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios shows new gameplay scenes and embellishes them with the hot commentary of developers that describes, precisely, how the map of Minecraft will change.

With Part 2 of Caves & Cliffs, the procedural-generation system of Minecraft environments will be literally turned upside down to make room for new mountain biomes, even more original caves and, above all, a significant increase in the number of people living in

According to Mojang, the new system dedicated to generating Minecraft maps will completely replace the old random engine of settings in zero-created maps, but will operate in conjunction with the previous system in the already explored areas There will therefore be no change to the structures made by the players, precisely because the sectors already visited will not undergo changes.

In the existing maps, all sectors not yet explored will be generated from scratch following the new parameters for the creation of hills, mountains, valleys, canyons and underground structures, gradually merging with the “old” adjacent sectors without producing art

However, we remind you that the launch of Caves & Cliffs Update Part II is expected for November 30 on all platforms that welcome the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, i.e. on Xbox Series X/S,

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