Microsoft, Xbox And The ‘Metavers Challenge’: Phil Spencer’s Doubts And Reflections

The top manager of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, shares some interesting reflections (and some doubts) on the technological future that companies are looking at with increasing attention to phenomena such as Metaversi and NFT.

In the margins of an interview with Protocol, the boss of the Xbox team reiterated his scepticism about emerging phenomena such as cryptocurrencies and Metaversi. While not openly referring to the Facebook Metaverse reveal and to Mark Zuckerberg’s statements, Spencer has stated that “as industry leader we are spending a lot of time gathering to discuss what we know about the topic and how the current foundations of technology But as far as I’m concerned, I wonder what Microsoft can do? I mean, why would this Metaverse that everyone’s focusing on make players’ lives better? And how could it offer better solutions for content creators?”

Looking at it from a strictly video game point of view, the head of Xbox believes that there is a criticality in the method adopted by companies to approach phenomena such as Metaversi and cryptocurrencies: “I think it is easy for many technology companies to But we just learned that if we put the player at the center of the project, then we can really build an ecosystem that gravits around the needs of users and the needs of content creators. Only platforms that put players and their users at the centre of their ecosystem are destined to thrive.”

The Xbox division manager, in this regard, cites Minecraft as the perfect example of an open creative ecosystem that gravits around players and their needs: “While we wanted to make an analogy with the web, we felt as if we were in But frankly, on the web today we are witnessing phenomena that do not seem to go in the same direction, such as targeted research on social or monetization of content.”

Satya Nadella has also spoken on the subject in recent weeks: for Microsoft’s president, the future of Metaversi is between Minecraft, Xbox and Halo.

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