Microsoft: Xbox-Activision Relations Changed After The Charges, This Is Phil Spencer

Activision-Blizzard is still at the centre of heated controversy after Call of Duty’s company has been accused of harassment and discriminatory acts against women working in its various divisions and development studies.

Phil Spencer has returned to the subject, which had already anticipated how Microsoft would change its relationship with Activision following the heavy charges received by CEO Bobby Kotick and all other executives involved.

The leader of Xbox has kept his statements true, and confirmed that the Redmond giant has actually changed his relationship with the US publisher: “The work we do in particular with a partner like Activision is something that we are going to do with, We have changed the way we do certain things with them, and they are aware of this.”

According to Spencer, it is not the job of Microsoft or other external companies to “punish” Activision, and indeed it would be preferable for all the players in the industry to collaborate to improve the working environment.

“I would much rather help our partners by sharing what we have done and what we have built in Xbox, rather than pointing fingers at companies that are outside our ecosystem.

I think the first thing we need to be able to do is to ensure that people have the opportunity to report and talk about what happens. This is about people’s safety. And I can guarantee it on my team. But in general I can say that having open lines of communication with which people can relate the experience they have experienced within the teams, is a fundamental aspect.

In terms of work we do with other companies, once again, I would rather provide help than try to punish. I don’t think my job is to go out there to punish other societies.”

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