Microsoft Will Have To Pay $3 Billion To Activision If The Acquisition Will Not Be Approved

The acquisition of Bethesda, which had already caused great stir at the time of its announcement, can only pale in front of the negotiation that saw Activision-Blizzard become a company of Microsoft.

Once the serial authors The Elder Scrolls and Fallout were welcomed into the Xbox family, the European Antitrust launched an investigation related to the acquisition which was successfully completed by Microsoft.

As suggested by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, it is likely that similar transactions will also be carried out when the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, economically speaking ten times more than that of Bethesda. This is indeed a move whose consequences have all the potential to reverberate over the years to come and inevitably shake the market balance within the video game industry.

Explaining what could happen if anti-monopoly legislation were to get in the way of Microsoft, it was Niko Partners’ well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad. As stated in the lower twitter, Redmond’s giant will have to pay $3 billion in penalty for Activision-Blizzard in case the negotiation does not receive all necessary approvals.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has talked about the possibility that Activision-Blizzard games can become exclusive Xbox and Windows PC.

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