Microsoft: The Metaverse Behind The Purchase Of Activision, Confirms Ceo Nadella

There is an important confirmation on the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft: at the basis of the agreement between the two parties there would be in fact the metaverse, as revealed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella commenting on the last, resounding move of

“When we think about our vision of what the metaverse might be, we think that there should not be just one centralized and should not be so,” says Nadella during a press conference with investors, referring therefore to the existence of more metaverses to which Microsoft could “We need to support various metaverse platforms, as well as a substantial ecosystem of content, business and applications. In video games we see this metaverse as a collection of individual communities and identities linked to some strong brands, accessible from any device,” adds the CEO.

Nadella’s words are not therefore too different from what Phil Spencer has already said: for the head of the Xbox division, in fact, “our vision of the metaverse is based on the intersection of global communities connected to strong franchisees. A big part of this is the fact that mobile is the biggest gaming category, and it’s a sector where we’ve never had a great presence so far.”

Microsoft buying Activision is the biggest tech deal in history according to various analysts, and with a long-standing interest in the metaverse there is a great curiosity to discover how the company will intend to shape its future

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