Microsoft Stopped Production Of Xbox One In 2020, Confirmation Comes

In an interview published on the pages of The Verge, Microsoft’s Cindy Walker (Senior Director of Xbox Console Product Marketing) confirmed that the company has long stopped producing the Xbox One family consoles.

Specifically, since the end of 2020 Xbox One S consoles have not been produced, while Xbox One (2013) and Xbox One X have been out of production for some time. This means that in 2021 Microsoft did not produce any Xbox One S drives and the goal now is to finish stock.

This is a precise choice of Redmond home marketing that doesn’t want to confuse consumers and if it’s true that finding Xbox Series X in stores is still difficult, who wants an economical next-gen alternative but quality can opt for Xbox Series S,

Xbox Series S becomes the entry level console of Microsoft while the old-generation console family is no longer marketed. On the contrary, at PlayStation, Sony announced that PS4 production will continue in 2022 with the aim of having an economical platform for anyone who wants to enter the PlayStation world while waiting for PS5 supplies to be made on a regular basis.

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