Microsoft Gaming Was Born And Phil Spencer Is His Ceo

In parallel with the announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, news that triggered an earthquake throughout the industry, Microsoft Gaming, a new division of Redmond giant, was born, which will be led by Phil Spencer as CEO.

The former Xbox leader will then be called to lead an even larger team that will manage gaming on Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, mobile devices and clouds, a direct evolution of multiplatform opening policies that the new

It’s a big promotion for Phil Spencer, who has gained seven years of hard work. When Spencer was appointed head of the Xbox division in 2014, he was to report to Terry Myerson, the former head of Windows. Within three years, he earned a place in Microsoft’s Senior Leadership Team, obtaining the privilege of reporting directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as Corporate Vice President of Gaming. The climb culminates today with the appointment of Microsoft Gaming’s CEO, which took place after 30 years in the corridors of Redmond’s company.

For the occasion, Phil Spencer sent a letter to all his employees. After thanking them for “the hard work and dedication that allowed the construction of the entire business and the video gamer community,” Spencer informed them of the start of the Activision acquisition procedure (which should end in at least 18 months, in the This change is the direct consequence of the incredible work that each of you has done to create the best entertainment ecosystem on the square. As a team in charge, we know how exciting and difficult the work ahead will be, so it is essential to operate as a single, cohesive team.”

Microsoft Gaming’s new leadership is clearly illustrated in the image attached to this news.

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