Microsoft Flight Simulator On Pc And Xbox Series X/S: Where Will You Fly With The World Update 7?

On the sidelines of streaming organized with fans to celebrate the launch of the GOTY Edition of Flight Simulator, Asobo studies took the opportunity to look to the future and outline the outlines of the next important World Up

The communication window opened by the Transalpine software house saw Jorg Neumann, the chief developer of Flight Simulator, interacting with fans to emphasize that “some of you may have noticed it already, but we would like to remind you that with the G We would have liked to have launched one already in October, but there was so much work to do with the content update of the GOTY Edition and the DLC Reno Air Races that we finally decided to postpone the release.”

The head of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s project therefore stresses that “World Update 7 is already in development and will be dedicated to Australia, with many graphic improvements and a lot of new content. The Bing Maps team is doing an exceptional job, we really have a sea of data to draw from, especially in the photogrammetry reconstruction of cities and places of interest. I can therefore tell you that, in all probability, the World Update 7 will be the one with the most cities reconstructed in 3D.”

According to Neumann’s anticipations, Australia’s World Update 7 (and we also assume New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean) will be available from 25 January 2022 as an additional package to download free of charge on PC and Xbox Series X

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