Microsoft Buys Mcdonald’s? Xbox Series X And French Fries In The Latest Social Joke

The incredible marriage between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard causes McDonald’s social channels to look with ‘jokeful suspicion’ at the latest initiative of Xbox’s Twitter profile, with a photo-mounting that assumes the launch on the

The exhilarating curtain that saw for protagonists the curators of the social profiles of McDonald’s and Xbox began in the afternoon of January 19 with a message in which the American fast food chain asked its retwi enthusiasts

This led to an exchange of messages between McDonald’s and Microsoft that led the chain of restaurants to show the click of an Xbox “themed” controller and the Xbox social team to counter with the eloquent photomont McDonald’s answer didn’t wait: “Are you trying to buy me too?”

Before leaving you to comments and the unusual message exchange of McDonald’s and Xbox social teams, we refer you to our special on Microsoft’s epochal tsunami buying Activision, with many ideas for reflection

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