Microsoft Buys Activision: Kotick Will No Longer Be Ceo At Acquisition Concluded, For The Wsj

After announcing the historic marriage between Activision Blizzard and Microsoft, the reporters of the Wall Street Journal share a new anticipation of the deep management reorganization that will meet the American gaming giant once the entry into the Xbox family is finalized.

The editors of the prestigious New York magazine explain that “Bobby Kotick, long-time CEO of Activision, should leave the company after the conclusion of the agreement that is taking place with Microsoft, according to reports from people Microsoft publicly stated that Kotick will continue to play the role of CEO, adding that at the end of the deal all activities of Activision Blizzard will be under Phil Spencer as Microsoft Gaming’s new CEO.”

According to the WSJ from deep throats who are following carefully the delicate acquisition process that, except surprises or various impediments, should lead Microsoft to buy Activision for about $70 billion, “the two companies agree to give Kotick

The thorny question of whether Bobby Kotick left his current CEO duties is therefore bound to drag on for a long time, depending on the 18 months required by Microsoft’s marriage to Activision.

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