Microsoft Buys Activision… But What Is The Market Value Of Nintendo, Ea And Take Two?

2022 videogaming started with a thunderous bang that still echoes in the atmosphere: Microsoft bought Activision for $70 billion, a resounding purchase that brings the company’s intellectual properties (including Blizzard and King)

And to understand even better the scope of this latter acquisition, it is not only necessary to remember the approximately 7 billion spent in 2021 on Bethesda, but also what is the market cap of other important giants of the industry, starting from Nintendo. The journalist Geoff Keighley is giving us some interesting numbers, through his Twitter profile.

“Consider this: Nintendo’s market cap is $53.79 billion, $15 billion less than the Activision deal,” Keighley points out, then providing additional data for other companies that could potentially be bought by Microsoft. “If you are wondering what other big names could be purchased, here’s who’s left,” adds the journalist:

Electronic Arts – 38 billion

Take Two – 18 billion

Nexon – 15 billion

Bandai Namco – 15 billion

Embracer – 10.8 billion

Netmarble – 7 billion

Ubisoft – 7 billion

Konami – 6 billion

Square Enix – 5.6 billion

Capcom – 4.9 billion

Rye – 3.6 billion

Keighley obviously specifies that the market cap reported does not mean at all that such companies would be willing to be purchased by Microsoft or other companies, but were examples to further underline how big the blow put to mark by Microsoft on January 18, 2022. And while we’re at it, here’s all the first party studies at Xbox Game Studios after Activision. And who knows if in the near future they will not widen further: moreover, now, Microsoft has already accustomed the fans to similar twists.

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