Microsoft Buy Activision: Which Future For Blizzard? Jason Schreier Is Optimized

The unexpected marriage between Microsoft and Activision is destined to upset the future balances of the videogaming industry. For the well-known journalist Jason Schreier, this historic acquisition will have important repercussions on the work that Blizzard Entertainment will carry out as part of the Xbox Game Studios.

The famous signature of Bloomberg believes that, under the direction of Phil Spencer and the Xbox division of Redmond’s home, the development teams inside Blizzard will be able to leave behind the problems that affected the relationships with the high spheres of Act

In discussing the topic on social media, Scherier points out that “although monopolies are undoubtedly bad news for the video game industry, this marriage could have some positive effects on Blizzard, both culturally and strategically. Under Activision, every game had to be a billion dollar franchise, while under Xbox this approach I think is going to change.”

The videogaming journalist takes the opportunity to launch an invective against Activision’s current leadership: “Bobby Kotick’s final goal, in addition to getting away with everything he’s done, was to transform Blizzard Under the direction of the Xbox team, Blizzard might be able to regain some of his self-esteem and rise again, leaving some big problems behind.”

And what do you think about that? Before leaving you to comment, we remind you that Blizzard Entertainment is currently engaged in the development of kolossals of the caliber of Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2.

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