Microsoft Buy Activision: ‘The Biggest Tech Deal In History’ For Analysts

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision has given a huge shock to the videogaming industry in this early 2022. After Redmond’s home has already bought Bethesda in 2021, the entry into the Xbox Game Studios of one of the largest third-party companies has an even more dramatic reach.

We remember that Microsoft bought Activision for almost $70 billion, and analysts emphasize that it is not the biggest investment ever made by the company in the course of its history (also higher than LinkedIn in 2016, which cost the company over 26

“The purchase of Activision for $68.7 billion represents the largest investment in Microsoft’s history, but it also brings with it a strategic attractiveness, especially in a technology sector where Microsoft has a smaller portfolio,” explains the ana

Dan Ives, analyst at Wedbush Securities, also said his story on the issue, pointing out that Microsoft continues to focus on large-scale investments where other large companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are limited to smaller acquisitions. “From a regulatory perspective – says Ives – Microsoft is not under the same level of examination as other major companies in the tech field. Basically Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took an opportunity to make a big consumer bet where others, more under regulatory control, could not proceed with a similar deal.”

Ives, according to Investopedia, has highlighted how the acquisition “will push the gaming business of Microsoft towards the videogaming metaverse and its monetization.” For the analyst Kirk Materni of Evercore ISI, the gamgin coveted will become in the coming years one of Microsoft’s main sources of growth: “The addition of Activision catapults to the top Microsoft’s gaming strategy

We at Everyeye have expressed our thoughts on Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard, describing it as a historic tsunami for the future of the videogaming industry.

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