Microsoft And Adidas Unveil The Third Pair Of Sneakers For The 20 Years Of Xbox

Adidas and Microsoft have unveiled the third shoe created for the 20th anniversary of Xbox, the two models already announced have been put on sale in recent months, now comes the third and last model of the collaboration between the two giants.

Adidas Forum Tech Boost Series X is a model inspired by Xbox Series X (as you can guess from the name) and is currently on sale in the United States at the price of $140, soon coming also in Italy. The design is inspired by the latest Microsoft console while the translucent sole is inspired by the controller launched for the 20th anniversary of Xbox. Also present a couple of spare laces obviously green color like the Xbox logo.

The Adidas x Xbox capsule collection consists of three models, the first dedicated to the Original Xbox, the second Adidas shoe is inspired by Xbox 360 and the third finally resumes as said the look of Xbox Series X, the most

An interesting collaboration that could create other pieces in the future, at the moment the partnership between the two companies seems to have run out but who knows that in the next few months there can be no news about it.

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