Metroid Dread: The Secrets Of The Kolossal Switch In The Video Beyond The Boundaries Of The Map

In his latest video of the now famous Boundary Break series, the Youtuber Shesez has plunged into the sci-fi size of Metroid Dread to hunt for secrets and easter egg beyond the boundaries of the map

The famous content creator leaned on the work of Postposterous and used his tools to unlock the game camera. Once the system was learned to freely change the frame, the youtuber used this trick to unveil the hidden structure of the Metroid Dread levels.

The exploit adopted by Shesez allows us to open a window on the interactive universe that hides behind the levels of a title that, with rare exceptions, almost exclusively adopts a frame with a lateral perspective.

The latest episode of Boundary Break therefore makes clarity on the many tricks devised by MercurySteam to optimize the graphics sector and the gaming experience in the different situations to be made to live the emuli of Samus, while inevitably showing

Of particular interest are then the fringes of the video in which they illustrate the systems adopted by the developers to render on screen the clashes with the EMMI and, above all, to hide the face of Samus hidden behind the helmet of the suit Zero Let us know what you think about it, but first we invite you to read our latest special on Samus and the series from NES to Metroid Dread.

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