Metroid Dread Is A Success, Nintendo Wants To Take Advantage Of The Golden Moment

According to the leader and insider Newmarkomaro, Nintendo would be very happy with the results of Metroid Dread and would be ready to announce a series of new DLCs and free extra content coming in during 2022.

Metroid Dread sold over two million copies from its launch in early October and this would lead Nintendo to put in the yard “some DLCs free for 2022” and other novelties as a new level of additional difficulty, it is unclear if they are also planned

The great success of Metroid Dread convinced Nintendo to take advantage of the golden moment of the series and the leader talks about an imminent announcement for Metroid Prime Trilogy Remastered with the development of the project now practically concluded, is not Newmarkomaro also announced that Metroid Samus Returns HD would be launched in 2023, a year that will also see the launch of Metroid Prime 4.

Is that true? Hard to say, of course it is that the Metroid IP is now in a golden moment and Nintendo probably won’t miss the chance to expand the franchise.

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