Metroid Dread, But Not Only: Here’s The Whole Story Of Samus Aran!

This year, players were able to return to the Nintendo series universe thanks to the publication of a completely new 2D adventure: Metroid Dread, by Mercury Steam.

With the exclusive Nintendo Switch, the software house has completed a narrative arc that lasted for decades, including alien parasites, intergalactic missions and twists. Over time, the character of Samus Aran was therefore the protagonist of the most disparate vicissitudes, with the bounty hunter constantly traveling among the most remote and dangerous places of the entire known universe.

But not only that: to expand the imagination of the Metroid series has in fact thought about its declination in three dimensions. After the initial trilogy, Metroid Prime 4 is currently developing at Retro Studios, a Texas development team that has proven to be trustworthy several times. Waiting to finally see the shooter in action on Nintendo Switch, we took the opportunity of the arrival of Metroid Dread to turn the look to the past and retrace the whole story of saga and Sam

As always, you will find the rich video dedicated directly to this news, as well as on the YouTube channel of Everyeye: we wish you a good vision! decades after the Saga Day One, what is your favorite Metroid chapter today?

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