Metal Gear Solid: What Does The Title Of The Konami Series Mean?

Despite several years since the release of the last main episode, the Metal Gear Solid series signed by Konami continues to be among the most loved of all time by fans, who hope one day to see it on stage at the maximum of form.

For some time now rumor has spread over the possible remaking of some of the most beloved episodes of the franchise, such as a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 developed by Virtuos, or even the return in new capacity of the first chapter released on In the hope of soon receiving confirmations about the existence of new projects, we return to the field of curiosity: do you know what Metal Gear Solid means in Italian?

By making a literal translation of the name, it comes out “Solid Metal Gear,” a name that doesn’t actually have any kind of meaning, but still has a long story behind it. The Metal Gear is the name given to the famous bipedal tank seen in the vast majority of episodes of the series, whose dimensions are certainly much more consistent than those of a simple “gun.” The solid suffix was added from the third title of the series and was used to represent the shift to the three dimensions of the franchise after the first two games made by Hideo Kojima for MSX2.

Do you also know how many of the Metal Gear Solid series games are, especially the canonical ones?

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