Men In Black, An Open World Coming Up? An Unlikely Rumor Pops Up

After the return to the hall of Neo and Trinity, accompanied by the viral project The Matrix Awakens, some rumors suggest possible new features for the series Men in Black.

Such indiscretions, we quote, cannot be verified at the moment, since they originated on 4chan, anonymous forum that often turned out to be the bearer of unfounded information. However, it is also true that in some cases the insiders who frequent the shores have been able to offer correct anticipations, as in the case of the leaks related to contents and characteristics of Pokémon Spada and Pokémon Scudo.

Inviting caution in any way, we point out rumor related to a new game dedicated to Men in Black. With an open world structure, the latter should welcome a character growth system linked to the agents’ background, which could be for example as much police officers as chefs. Similarly, weapons would also be characterized by a tree of unlockable upgrades. On the front of the plot, it refers to an alien invasion in full fifties style, with humans kidnapped for experimental purposes.

This mysterious production of Men in Black theme, always according to rumors, would see players engaged in climbing the ranks of the agency, one mission after another. Gameplay mechanics should foster a stealth approach, with too many sightings from civilians that would lead to some penalties. However, not all the aliens in the game would be hostile, with several extraterrestrial characters ready to alternate during a full day/night cycle.

After many Matrix-themed video games published over the years, would you like to see a new title dedicated to Men in Black?

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