Medium-Naut: The New Action From The Creator Of La-Mulana Available On Pc And Switch

Blue Boss developer and Gotcha publisher Gotcha Games announce the availability of Pixel Game Master Series MEDIUM-NAUT, the new title signed by Takumi Naramura, creator of the appreciated series The game arrived on PC via Steam last December 21, 021, while from December 23 he landed on Switch via Nintendo eShop.

MEDIUM-NAUT is described as an Action/Horror with sci-fi colors made through Pixel Game Maker MV. The protagonist of the adventure is the psychic Yumi Kisara, who is sent to an unknown planet to investigate the crash of the ship Ostracida and recover any survivors. But once she has come to that unknown world, the protagonist will realize that she is inhabited by sinister creatures. Yumi will have to recover the ID Cards of all passengers and find out what happened to the ship.

The title is entirely in 2D and promises a healthy dose of action and dark atmosphere: players will have at their disposal a rather varied equipment with the possibility to obtain various upgrades continuing in the adventure. However, the recovery of new resources has a cost in vital energy that increasingly weakens our character, making it essential to make reasoned choices to survive.

If you want to find out more details about the productions created by Naramura, our review of La Mulana 2 will reveal all the secrets.

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