Mediaworld Launches Xmas Discount Now: Save Up To 400 Euros Online And In Stores

Mediaworld celebrates Christmas with Xmas Discount Now Xmas, a new promotion that will save you up to 400 euros, a valid offer online and in stores from December 3 to 8. But how does it work? Let’s see it together.

The new Mediaworld Discount Promotion Now Xmas allows you to get an immediate discount based on the expenditure (even at Zero Rate) according to the following tables: 50 euro discount spending at least 500 euro, 100 euro discount spending at least 750 euro, 200 euro discount

The discount will be visible in the cart immediately in case of online purchases, the promotion is active on numerous products except for the items on offer for Apple Days, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy A52s, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy

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