Matrix Awakens: Is Keanu Reeves Real Or Cg In The Tech Demo Trailer In Unreal Engine 5?

A tight turn of the mail from the appearance of the preload of The Matrix Awakens on PS5 and Xbox Series X, the organizers of The Game Awards 2021 publish the teaser of the interactive experience that will be shown during the show of

The short film that precedes The Matrix Awakens’ World Premiere at TGA 2021 shows what seems to be the incredible digitalized version of Keanu Reeves: the face of the Hollywood actor should have been reconstructed

The ambiguity about the nature of Keanu Reeves’ face shown in the video, whether digitalized or real, is underlined by the Hollywood star herself in addressing the fans asking him “how do they know what is real”: observing carefully the

The teaser, however, takes up the official synopsis of the application of The Matrix Awakens just published on the pages of the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store: in it, the participation of both Keanu Reeves is confirmed

Before leaving you at the teaser, we remind you that on Thursday 9 December we are waiting for a Twitch marathon for the 2021 Game Awards that will start from the early afternoon to continue until the morning of December 10, with our reactions to surprises

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