Matrix Awakens Is Even More Amazing In The Video Comparison With The Film

While the debate on Matrix Awakens’s great viral project continues on the net, the youtuber Cycu1 feeds the discussion by creating a video comparison between the tech demo Unreal Engine 5 and the scenes of the Wachowski recre brothers’ film

Taking inspiration from the Hollywood kolossal starring Keanu Reeves, Epic and its development partners have exploited the enormous technological potential of EU5 and its wide range of nextgen features to rebuild in a fully digital context

From Neo’s awakening to slow motion shootings with his beloved Trinity, the EU5 salsa reconstruction of the cult film of the late 1990s by the developers of Matrix Awakens is really convincing and, in some cases And what do you think about that? Take a look at the last video of Cycu1 and let us know with a comment.

If you are interested, here you will find a further video comparison between the PS5, Xbox Series S and X versions of Matrix Awakens, which this time focuses on graphic differences and performance of the “first multiplatform tasting” of Unreal En

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