Matrix Awakens, ‘Absolutely To Try’: Digital Foundry Analyzes The Unreal Engine 5

Since its first presentation, the potential of the new Unreal Engine 5 has left the audience of enthusiasts to be inspired by the thought of the videogame universes to which the epic games engine could give life in the coming years.

Among the latest EU5 tastings, we now find the impressive open world of The Matrix Awakens. Available free of charge on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Plus, this Demo has been carefully analysed by the Digital Foundry editorial staff, who, even by talking to Epic Games, has revealed every secret through a rich analysis. With the latter, the team did not spare compliments and positive impressions on the experience, advising all players in possession of the new Sony and Microsoft hardware to “try it absolutely.”

Among the elements that most impressed the analysts of Digital Foundry, we find the combination of pre-defined assets and real-time rendering used to give life to the characters of The Matrix Awakens. In particular, the result was remarkable in the cases of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. After having lent themselves to complete digital scanners, the two actors were then equipped and animated through the tools offered by MetaHuman technology. The latter instead gave rise to the player’s alter-ego in an autonomous way, but with remarkable results, also compared to Reeves and Moss.

On the environment front, Digital Foundry talks about a “level of fidelity never seen until now” with rendering that touch the quality proposed by a Blue-Ray. This is surprising especially when we consider that it has been achieved within a real open-world, with explosions and other dynamics regulated in real time by the Chaos physics management system. The renderings made by Nanite technology also effectively eliminate any pop-in phenomenon.

Also on the lighting front, The Matrix Awakens offers outstanding results, thanks to a combination of the technology Lumen, owned by Epic Games, and the hardware potentials related to the Ray Tracing of PS5 and Xbox Series X. Less grain The initial section and the cut-scenes – Digital Foundry notes – are in fact proposed at 24 fps, with a roof of 30 fps for the entire The Matrix Awakens.

In closing, please note that The Matrix Awakens is available for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X Plus: have you already had the chance to test the content with your hand?

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