Mass Effect Next-Gen Will Use The Unreal Engine, Perhaps Eu 5

It seems that BioWare has permanently set aside the Frostbite Engine, a graphic engine used during the development of Mass Effect Andromeda. Brand Brenon Holmes has given us a new and overwhelming evidence: let’s find out all the details together.

BioWare is working on a new game from the Mass Effect series: announced over a year ago on the occasion of the N7 Day 2020, production is still in the early stages of development. In a work announcement a few months ago, the Unreal Engine was mentioned as one of the skills required, a detail that had already made us suspect the Frostbite provision.

In these hours the hypothesis has become even more concrete thanks to a tweet by Brenon Holmes, producer of the game, who has clearly specified that “BioWare is taking on talented developers with experience with UE4/5” from It is not unusual for companies to take on talents with experiences not strictly related to the developing video game, but this time the tweet – which comes after an evidence that already pointed in this direction – seems rather explanatory.

The fact that the recent Unreal Engine 5 is also mentioned suggests that this engine could be the basis of the new Mass Effect. To see it seems to us the most obvious hypothesis, considering that the title is addressed to the devices of the next generation and that, probably, it will not see the light before 2024. Some sources near WindowsCentral have spoken of this year as a launch window for Mass Effect, with 2023 being reserved for the new Dragon Age.

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