Mass Effect Next: A New Mysterious Artwork For The N7 Day

On November 7, Bioware celebrated the N7 Day with videos and discounts on Mass Effect merchandise but there is more because a new mysterious artwork was published in the night.

The image you find at the bottom is linked to the next episode of the series and only bears the Mass Effect logo with the subtitle “Will Continue” confirming therefore again that a game of Mass Effect is being developed, which obviously we knew from the beginning

Clearly it is impossible to make concrete speculations based on this image, moreover, the new Mass Effect seems rather far away and according to various insiders Mass Effect 5 will not be released before 2025 with Bioware intent to give priority to Dragon Age 4, another title that

By Mass Effect Next Game (title obviously provisional) we know nothing and the same Bioware has limited itself to publishing the new artwork without adding details of any kind, as to want to confirm that the game exists and is being developed, nothing more p After the warm welcome reserved for Mass Effect Andromeda, the saga came back to life with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, now we just have to find out where the series will go in the near future.

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