Mass Effect Andromeda Has ‘Other World’ Graphics In Video 8K Ray Tracing

I don’t pay for the media clamor aroused by his multimedia projects like the one on GTA 5 at the limits of photorealism, the youtuber Digital Dreams decides to deceive the wait for the arrival of new information on Mass Effect nex

To achieve the incredible results that we can admire in the gameplay trailer in the opening article, the now famous content creator has drawn to the frightening computational power of its PC gaming configuration pushed by a G

To accompany the video we also find the link to its Patreon page, accessible only for those who are subscribers, from which you can download the ReShade tools with the changes made to improve and optimize the new lighting system in real time.

So take a look at Mass Effect Andromeda’s “Beyond all Limits” video and let us know what you think about it, but first we invite you to read our latest in-depth on what the artwork hides.

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