Marvel’s Spider-Man, Tom Holland: ‘The Ps4 Game Inspired A Move By No Way Home’

Tom Holland, the newest actor to play Spider Man on the big screen and back in action at the cinema with Spider-Man No Way Home, revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games is

First of all, as told during an interview with the Extraordard portal, Holland reveals that Sony sent him a PlayStation 5 during the shooting of the new film, with which he was able to play the last video game starring Spi The actor not only played it, but also was strongly impressed.

“I think the game is fantastic and highly fun. Swinging through the city is really spectacular,” he explains. When asked if Sony’s title has somehow influenced the creation of the new feature film, Holland reveals that yes, there is a pinch of Marvel’s Spider-Man inside No Way Home. “There is actually a move that Spider-Man makes in the game we took and that he makes also in the film, and it is really cool,” confirms the interpreter of the friendly Spider-Man neighborhood, even without revealing which

Staying on the subject, the free skin of No Way Home arrived in Marvel’s Spiderman for PS5, but unfortunately not on PS4. Have you seen the No Way Home trailer recreated with the Marvel’s Spiderman scenes for PS5?

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