Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 For Ps5, New Record: 20 Million Views For The Trailer

Waiting to see Spider-Man’s animated style: Across the Spider-Verse Part 1 in the cinemas, and on the wave of Spider-Man’s success: No Way Home, the superhero Marvel is always

To testify, it is the remarkable level of attention gained from the announce trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Posted as a surprise on the occasion of the Sony show broadcast last September 2021, the film broke a new record. About four months after its presentation, the British-language reveal trailer available on the official YouTube channel of PlayStation has exceeded the 20 million-view threshold. To be precise, the moment we write, the value is at least 20,253,918.

A number that is quite remarkable, which testifies how the character of Spider-Man continues to exert a strong attraction on the general public. At the moment, there are not many details available on the Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel of Insomniac Games, with the software house that placed in 2023 the exit window of the exclusive PlayStation 5. With the debut of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 still decidedly far away, it is therefore only necessary to look at the announce trailer of the title, which we propose in the opening to this news.

And while Insomniac Games welcomes new talents, let’s remember that the development team is also working on the mysterious Marvel’s Wolverine for PS5.

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