Marvel’s Avengers, Tired Players: Missing An Essential Matchmaking Function

Despite the numerous updates published in the last year, Marvel’s Avengers is still equipped with a poor matchmaking: this is the thought of numerous video players, who are making their voice heard on social media.

The situation is so tragic that some are convinced that Crystal Dynamics has decided to quietly abandon the project. One player in particular on Reddit describes matchmaking as “so bad that he ran away users” and “the lowest point of the entire game since the launch.” Another, however, points out that there is not yet a union function to match in progress, which represents a nightmare for players who are thrown out due to crashes and freezes, even they are still frequent despite the multiple interventions of the developers. There seems to be even a bug that causes the entire team to die unjustified during a raid.

Several players, fed up with wasting their time, began to avoid long and challenging activities such as raids due to matchmaking instability. Crystal Dynamics promised to introduce join-in-progress functionality last November, but it has never been seen and is still lacking a launch window. In the coming weeks the Marvel’s Avengers 2022 roadmap should be published, while among the next characters there could be She-Hulk: will the development team be able to put the project back on track?

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