Marvel’s Avengers: The First Image Of Spider-Man Leaks Online

As announced just a few days ago, Spider-Man is in the finish straight in Marvel’s Avengers, although developers have not yet shown the appearance in game of the new playable character. Waiting to find out from official sources, we can take a first look at the climbing through a recent leak.

The image that portrays the character’s model in game was shared by the well-known account Twitter Marvels Avengers Updates, which usually publish any kind of advance on the game. Unfortunately, the shot does not allow you to see the superhero in its entirety, as the image of the menu linked to the customization of the equipment is cut by the banner where some elements related to the operation of the resources are explained. In any case, the screenshot allows you to observe both the mask and part of the legs, from which emerges how the costume seems to be very similar to the classic one, with some slight resemblance to the one worn by Tom Holland in the latest films of Marvel C Also, don’t be fooled by the presence of Xbox key icons because, according to the Twitter profile, the person who released the image had access to a developer build and could therefore view any content regardless of the platform. We remind you that Spider-Man will only arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 only and exclusively through a free update.

Speaking of updates, did you know that you can no longer buy XP boosters in Marvel’s Avengers?

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