Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man’s Skills Guide On Ps4 And Ps5

As you know, Marvel’s Avengers has received a free update over the last few hours that has introduced Claw’s Raid and, only on PlayStation consoles, the chance to play as Spider-Man. We discover all the skills of this new character, so that we can use it to the best.

Spider shield (light attachment)

It is a series of light attacks that can be performed by pressing the Square key several times and whose damage increases shot after shot.

Long-distance socket (heavy attachment)

The heavy attack, which is executed with the Triangle key, allows Spider-Man to hit the target with the web and then project towards him.

Spider-Snap (Distance)

By aiming at holding down the left trigger (L2), Spider-Man can shoot simple cobwebs with the R2 button or load by holding down the button to shoot.

Spider-Drone (Heroic Support Move)

Pressing L1, Spider-man deploys a spider-shaped drone that flies and throws spider bullets at enemies. Holding down the skill activation key, the player can set a defense point where the drone will remain still.

Spider-bomb (Assault Heroic Move)

Pressing the R1 key, the hero launches a bomb that explodes at impact and spreads cobwebs in a wide area, rapidly inflicting the effect of state Web to all the affected enemies.

Demolition Ball (Supreme Heroic Move)

The contemporary pressure of L1 and R1 causes Spider-man to create a huge sphere of cobwebs that is then violently thrown to the ground, crushing the enemies that are underneath and rejecting those nearby.

Spider Senses (Intrinsic Skill)

Peter Parker’s intrinsic ability allows him to activate a resistance to damage during a dodging with the Circle button. The perfect dodge prevents all damage and reduces resistance to the impact of the opponent, so as to stop it more easily.

The more they make noise when they fall (Intrinsic Skill, to unlock)

Probably one of the best skills to unlock for the hero, this power-up allows him to perform knock-downs on the greatest and strongest enemies without having to stun them first.

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