Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man And Patch 2.2 News In The Deep Dive Video

As scheduled, Crystal Dynamics’s guys launch the new Deep Dive video by Marvel’s Avengers with Spider-Man to showcase the rich news coming in the action to continuous development with the next free update, a

The latest video of the subsidiary of Square Enix immerses us in the atmosphere of Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero, the additional adventure that will be available on PS4 and PlayStation 5 from tomorrow, Tuesday

The expansion dedicated to Spider-Man will give fans the chance to try out in a new series of challenges that will prompt Peter Parker to evolve new powers and refine his skills to avert the threat posed by AIM’s mechanical beings. Spider-Man’s DLC will not have dedicated narrative missions, but will have a wide range of aesthetic skills and customizations.

Together with Spider-Man’s expansion exclusively on PlayStation platforms, with Marvel’s Avengers’ patch 2.2, we will see the addition of the Raid Discordant Sound focused on the battle of Avengers against Klaw. Space also for a new mode Shipments, the requested increase in the maximum level of superheroes (up to 175) and a deep remodulation of the system dedicated to managing the location and progression.

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