Marvel’s Avengers: Patch 2.2 Is Delayed On Pc, Will Arrive Tomorrow

Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.2 is already available for downloading on PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia, but the update has been delayed with regard to PC version of the a

The Crystal Dynamics team specified that the latest patch of Marvel’s Avengers was postponed on PC due to a technical problem found by developers. In order not to cause problems for users, it was therefore decided to resolve the issue and postpone the publication of the update to tomorrow, Wednesday, December 1.

“Because of a problem detected in the Windows PC build, patch 2.2 will be released tomorrow [1 December]. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we must make sure that the problem has been properly solved before publication,” this is the message released by Crystal Dynamics.

Update 2.2 patch notes mention several fixes to various crashes that have occurred in recent weeks in the Windows 10 version of Marvel’s Avengers. Some of these occur when dynamic resolution and dynamic DLSS scaling is activated simultaneously on a 4K screen Windows 11 PC.

The update also introduces several improvements and changes to the gameplay, including the level cap from 150 to 175 and the unprecedented possibility to recycle equipment of a higher power level to improve the current one. The functionality of the Loads then allows you to get aesthetic elements, resources and other objects through gameplay. Spider-Man has also arrived on PlayStation console only.

To discover all the other news Crystal Dynamics made with this latest big patch, we refer you to our Spider-Man Special and the Klaw’s Raid.

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