Marvel’s Avengers Over Spiderman: New Road Map Coming In Early 2022

After seeing Spiderman’s arrival in the PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers, important confirmations for the Action/Adventure multiplayer developed by Crystal Dynamics come in, which will continue to receive new content and

Through the latest update published on the official website of the game, Square Enix confirms that support for Marvel’s Avengers will continue in 2022, with a new roadmap ready to be unveiled at the beginning of next year. “After so much hard work to offer you the Discordant Sound Raid and Spiderman for PlayStation users, Crystal Dynamics guys are preparing for the Christmas break. For the rest of the month we will continue to solve bugs and problems in the meantime that we prepare for next year. Keep an eye on the beginning of 2022 for the next roadmap,” it is in fact at the end of the last post.

Obviously it’s still too early to figure out what’s boiling in Crystal Dynamics’ pot and what surprises it has in store for fans, but it’s still good news for players who continue to have fun with the title, which quini will continue to Waiting to discover the new features, in recent times there have been new contents: in addition to Spiderman on Sony consoles, here is also the Thor skin of the MCU for Marvel’s Avengers, which gives the character

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