Marvel’s Avengers: How’s Spider-Man Doing On Playstation? Video Review

Announced immediately as an exclusive content of PlayStation platforms, Spider-Man has finally joined Marvel’s Avengers. How’s the climbing in this new incarnation of yours?

Mainly voted for the hand-to-hand combat, Spider-Man is a useful and clever fighter in battle, able to exploit his unique skills with the web to trap enemies and launch attacks at a distance. The friendly Spider-Man district is therefore to be strategically joined to the most powerful Thor or Hulk.

Although narrative content was introduced, those related to Spider-Man proved to be rather modest missions and below expectations, which unfortunately add little to the digestive structure. You can expect assignments in the wake of those already faced in the basic game as Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel, and then extended to Kate Bishop, Clint Barton and T

The close partnership between Sony and Square-Enix will certainly make Spider-Man fans happy, but we would have expected a more significant effort from Crystal Dynamics, also from the point of view of the realization of the iconic movements To further explore the topic, please consult our Spider-Man Review in Marvel’s Avengers.

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