Marvel’s Avengers: How To Unlock Spider-Man For Free On Ps4 And Ps5

The wait was particularly long, but in the end the much-awaited free update of Marvel’s Avengers starring Spider-Man was published on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to allow all vest players to play

Unlike what happened with Hawkeye, Black Panther and Kate Bishop, in this case the new playable character will not be automatically added to the roster of selectable characters but you will have to complete a simple goal in order to unlock the hero First update Marvel’s Avengers to the latest version (update weighs slightly more than 6GB) and then, once you start the game, select the multiplayer mode “Initiative Avengers.” At this point you will find yourself playing as the last Marvel superhero used online and you will be aboard the huge avengers’ helipel. You will notice that, trying to search the character selection menu at the Strategic Table, you will be informed that Spider-Man is not yet available for use and that to unlock it you need to talk to him on the control deck.

If you don’t find the hero in blue and red tights on the bridge, you don’t have to be scared, because it’s not a bug. To find Peter Parker, you need to climb the bridge and approach the window near the dog of Eye of Falco, left of Thor’s position. You will see that on the window there is a “Webweb”: interact holding the square key and you will start a short but funny film in which Spider-Man sneaks into the Avengers headquarters for At the end of the movie you will take control of Spiderman and you can start using it and peering into the menus, including the pass.

Have you read all the details about Marvel’s Avengers update with Spider-Man and Klaw’s Raid?

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