Marvel’s Avengers: From Secret War To Noir, All Costumes Of Spider-Man

The Spider-Man debut in Marvel’s Avengers is just a few weeks away, which will take place on November 30th exclusively on the PlayStation consoles. In view of this long awaited event, the Crystal Dynamics boys showed us the costumes that the friendly neighborhood spider will be able to show off alongside the most powerful heroes on Earth.

Working closely with Marvel Games, developers drew on the ultra-decennal history of Spider-Man by selecting a wardrobe that should satisfy a wide audience of fans, from the oldest to the youngest. Basically, in Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man wears the Classic Costume, inspired by Steve Ditko’s work with the unmistakable blue and red colors, the typical materials of the athletics world and the we Once joined to the Avengers, the spider gets an update in the form of the Marvel’s Avengers Iconic Suit, a costume faithful to the original that makes it immediately recognizable without missing a series of technical upgrades.

Space also for costumes: Bugle Boy, whom Peter shows off when suddenly called to action during his everyday life; Secret War, inspired by the work of Gabriele dell’Otto for the limited series of the same name; Sp

You can admire all the costumes just mentioned in the gallery attached to this news. Before saying goodbye, remember that the iconic spider-snapshot will arrive exclusively on PlayStation with the update of November 30 along with the event hero Spider-Man: From a great power… that will allow you to live

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